Arabic Language

With the growing importance of Learning the Arabic language, we offer Arabic language classes. As in the Islamic point of view, learning Arabic is very important. Being a Muslim, all our religious rituals are in the Arabic language. So, to perform all these acts, we need to learn Arabic. All About Quran cares for you to understand the language all your needs adherent to the Arabic language. Many online academies offer language learning lessons, but ‘All About Quran is the best among all the online academies for language learning. We offer many courses, i.e., language course, reading Quran course, Islamic courses, etc., one of them is the Arabic language course.

Arabic language course

Arabic language course is for those students who want to learn the Arabic language in its original form. However, you might have noticed someone speaking Arabic, but that is not according to the existed rules of the Arabic language. Their difference from the applied Arabic language is that they might have learned it from living in a community where people speak Arabic and have not joined any language institution.

We offer you the best services of learning the Arabic language from a recognized online language academy, All About Quran. in an online class; you can learn the basics of the language and its usage in daily life. First of all, you need to know the Arabic Alphabet, use simple sentences in Arabic, learn everyday conversation, idioms in the language, the most important, tenses.

Furthermore, in the course, you will learn about punctuation in the Arabic language. Learning punctuation in any language helps you in understanding the language thoroughly. Hence Quranic scripture is in the Arabic language. So, commanding over Arabic punctuation will help you understand the Quran better. There are certain verses in the Quran where the following of irrelevant punctuation marks can cause you a victim of sinning. In a nutshell, after completing the course, you will speak, read, understand and write the Arabic language fluently.

Learn Language with Trial Class With Us

Arabic Language classes

Once you register yourself with All about Quran, you will feel convenient while attending an online language class. Here are some features of online Arabic language classes.

    • The duration of the class is 40 minutes.
    • Our expert and professional tutors take language classes in a friendly environment.
    • Special discount for overseas students
    • Affordable fees and flexible timing of the classes make All About Quran a leading online academy for learning.
    • After completion of the course, you can apply for a certificate

Why choose us?

The services of national and international tutors add more to the significance of online academies. All About Quran is the only online academy focused on quality learning. Besides the Arabic language course, we also offer other courses like Quran memorization, Quran reading course, and other Islamic courses.