Quran Memorization

Allah SWT bestows those with special gifts who have memorized the Holy Quran. There are many Holy books revealed on Prophets from Allah. Quran Shareef is the Holiest among all these. Though believing in all Holy Books is part of faith. Memorizing the Holy Quran has numerous benefits. The best of all is that a Hafiz-e-Quran earns a higher place in Jannah and respect among other folks. 

No other act can fill your heart with the glory of Allah SWT but the memorization of the Holy Quran. However, everything we memorize is stored in our minds. But, the verses of the Quran directly fall into our hearts. That is why we memorize Quran by heart. 

Do you want to learn Quran by heart? Do you want to stand in the line of those who have memorized the Holy Quran and gained eternal happiness? If your desires raise you to Quran memorization, but you are stepping back due to resources, register yourself in the Quran memorization course.

Online Quran Memorization course

All About Quran offers you an online Quran memorization course. Many people want to memorize the Holy Quran in this dynamic and busy era. But, they step back due to time problems or money problems. But, now, with the modern and developed techniques and tools, you can learn anything while sitting in the comforts of your home.

So, we let you memorize the Holy Quran in the most friendly and effective learning environment. The online Quran memorization course is useful for both males and females. However, kids and adults can equally benefit from an online Quran memorization course.

Online course planning 

Our tutors have fixed the planning and procedure for the online course of Quran memorization. As you know, some Surahs in Quran are very long. They are hard to memorize. So, with the approval of the head tutor, we have structured the course into two parts. 

Part 1

For the easiness of the students, the tutors focus on memorizing short surahs. Besides these, there are some important surahs to memorize, for example, the last ten surahs of Quran Shareef, Surah Mulk, Surah Waqia, Surah Muzammil, Surah Yasin, Surah Rahman, and some verses in the Holy Quran. The aim behind this procedure of learning the Quran is to make you ready for the long journey of Quran memorization. After learning these Surahs and verses, you have made the track easy for you.

Part 2

In part 2 of the online Quran memorization course, you can start memorizing either from the first page of the Quran or last. However, with the experience and foresight of our tutors, we suggest starting from Surah Naba(unit 30 in Quran Majeed). By this method, you can memorize the Quran easily and effortlessly. 

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Features of online Quran with All About Quran

Numerous online academies are offering online Quran Memorization courses. All About Quran is a leading online academy. Our courses’ many features that will make you convinced to register yourself or your kids in Online Madrasa.

    • Live class
    • Professional tutors
    • Timing of the class
    • Affordable fee structure
    • Memorization of Quran with Tajweed
    • Convenient

Live class

There are many opportunities for efficient learning in a live class than in a recorded class. In a live class, the tutor will carefully note your mistake and correct you. Furthermore, If there is a question regarding course content, you can directly ask your tutors.

Professional tutors

The services of a professional Quran teacher make the course more helpful for you. They know the guts of embarking knowledge into your minds. Also, we provide the services of native Arabic Tutors who will furnish your language and accent.

Timing of the class

The timing of the class is flexible and according to your choice. If you missed any class, you could ask your tutor to rearrange it for you.

Affordable fee structure

Nowadays, learning in a physical institution is very costly. All About Quran’s aim is only to educate you and fill your heart with the nobility of the Holy Quran. For this purpose, our financial advisor has lessened the standard of fee structure to a low level, so everyone can have the right of getting Quranic knowledge.

Memorization of Quran with Tajweed

Our professional tutors will focus on your memory and enhance your pronunciation of Arabic words. The uttering of Quranic words according to rules is called Tajweed. So, you can also memorize the Holy Quran with Tajweed in the presence of our hardworking tutors.


Quran memorization courses that we offer are convenient. You can attend the class anytime, anywhere you want. However, there is also available a recorded file of each class. You can download it from the website with the permission of your tutor. Furthermore, you will need nothing but a Mobile Phone/ Laptop or PC and an active internet connection for smooth classes while taking the class. However, if you keep a notebook for taking important notes, it will be brilliant.