Quran Reading 

Do you want to learn Quran reading? But you don’t know to read or recite the Quran. All About Quran is the only online institution that lets you learn Quran while sitting in your home. Reading Quran brings you closer to Allah SWT. Quran is the Holy Book of Allah. There are many holy books that Allah revealed on His prophets. Since the Quran is Allah SWT’s last book, He revealed it on His last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW.

Being Muslim, we should learn the Quran and teach it to our kids. However, if you don’t know how to recite the Holy Quran, you should register yourself or your children with All about Quran in the Quran reading course.

Quran reading course

There are many online academies for teaching Quran lessons. One of the finest of them is All About Quran. We offer many Quran learning courses for the easement of you and your children. Quran reading course is the first course that we had started in the initial stage of our academy. With Quran reading course, we offer other courses, too, like the Quran memorization course, Quran with Tajweed course, Understanding the Quran course, Islamic courses, and Arabic and Urdu language courses.

In the Course, you will learn about the basic rules of Quran reading. Basic Quran reading might be a bit challenging for your children. But, our professional and skilled tutors will teach them so skillfully and passionately that they will easily get the lessons.

After registration, in the first week of the Quran reading, you or your kids will learn about the basics of Tajweed. We offer a separate course of Quran with Tajweed in which you learn the complete Tajweed. In Quran reading course, you will need to learn the basics of Quran recitation.

In the Course, we use advanced technology for easy learning. We will provide you with an application. By the application, you can then recall your lesson easily by the concern of your tutors. After taking the class, if you feel hindrances in reciting the Holy Quran, you can take help from your teacher, only a text away from you. However, all the classes are live. So, in a live class, there are many opportunities for you to learn effectively.

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

How did we start online Quran classes?

After covid-19, people wanted to educate their children with the precious knowledge of the Holy Quran. But due to the government decision, there was no specific alternative for learning Quran. So, all about Quran took the initiative and established the online madrassa. Online learning is helping those in learning Quran who is imprisoned in their houses due to lockdown, but it also helps those who live remotely and cannot join a physical Quran learning institution.

Furthermore, All About Quran aims to teach Quran to those who are helpless and cannot afford to join Quran classes. So, we offer you to learn to read Quran at very affordable fees.

You might wonder why to choose All About Quran for learning Quran Reading.

The benefits of Quran reading

There are no specific or limited benefits of Quran reading. The most notable is that Quran is the book of Allah. Reading it makes us beloved to Allah SWT. We Please Allah by reciting His book. Daily, we should recite some verses of the Quran. Especially after Esha’s prayer before sleeping, we should recite some verses, particularly Surah Mulk, to have a peaceful sleep. We are also reciting the Holy Quran on the day of Judgment will plea Allah for our forgiveness. Quran reading soothes our minds and removes our depressions. However, to have all these benefits, we should learn Quran reading.

Why choose us?

Certain reasons will convince you to take admission in All About Quran.

    • Unlike other online madrasas, there is no age limit for registration in All about Quran.
    • There is a special discount for those already registered in other courses we offer.
    • All classes are live so that you can learn a better lesson.
    • In the presence of a native Arabic teacher, you can learn accurately.
    • We have the services of certified Qari, who will also flourish your language.
    • We keep records of all classes. If you miss any class, you can ask for it at any time.
    • The tutors we have hired have vast experience teaching online Quranic lessons.

How to register in Quran reading Course?

For registration in Quran reading course, visit the website and find their Register tab. Click there. There will be a form. Fill it correctly and then click on submit. Instantly, you will receive a confirmation message. After taking the demo class, you can apply for a demo class if you want to continue registration. Click on continue. After submitting the fee, you will receive your registration number and other essential detail related to online Quran reading classes.

Requirement for online classes

 In contrast to physical learning classes, you don’t need to carry a heavy bag and a bulk book. You need to have:

    • Mobile phone/ Laptop or PC
    • An active internet connection