About Us

All About Quran is a leading online learning academy. It has outdone all the contemporary online academies in providing quality learning services. In modern technology, the All About Quran is the only academy that has drawn an expanse of people towards learning. Learning online was once a dream, but with the persistent toil of our tutors, we have made it possible to enrich you with the ornament of knowledge though you live in any corner of the world. We offer many online Quran Courses and online language learning courses.

About Online Quran Courses 

The Quran is the Holy Book of Allah. We are obliged to learn it. After learning it, we should teach it to our kids. It will be very helpful and cause our honor in this life and after death, too, if we memorize it and understand its meaning. 

However, if you search for online learning classes for Quran lessons, you are on the correct page. All About Quran offers many Quran learning Classes in flexible hours at affordable fees.

Using advanced technology, you can learn Quran reading, Quran memorization, understanding of Quran, Quran with Tajweed. Furthermore, you can also register your kids in an online academy to learn efficiently. The courses we offer are:

  • Quran with Tajweed
  • Quran reading
  • Islamic courses
  • Quran memorization
  • Understanding the Quran

Quran with Tajweed

In the Course, you will learn the basic principles of articulating the Quran and the rules of punctuation in the Holy Quran. 

Quran Reading 

Quran reading course is for you if you don’t know how to read Quran. All About Quran allows you to recite the Holy Quran without committing any mistake. 

Islamic Courses

All About Quran offers short Islamic courses to understand Islamic knowledge better. There are many pieces of information you should know.

Quran Memorization 

The Course of Quran memorization is specially designed for those who desire to memorize the Holy Quran but cannot join the physical institution due to their busy schedule.

Understanding the Quran

Under the Quran is the only Course we have offered since we have started our online academy. In the Course, you will learn about the hidden meaning of the Quran.

About language classes

All About Quran is ahead of other online academies in providing Quran classes and is also a leading institute in arranging online language classes. Language is an essential part of the culture. Learning any second language helps you in better understanding. Several books are written in another language that is not your mother tongue. So, to benefit from books and gather extra knowledge, you need to learn more than one language.

All About Quran has taken the initiative to spread awareness about the significance of language learning. Not only awareness, but it has started classes of online language learning. You can register yourself in our academy to learn any language. currently, we offer online language classes of two languages, they are:

  • Arabic language 
  • Urdu language 

Arabic Language course 

In the Course, you will learn the Arabic language from native Arabic speakers. Learning from natives will furnish your language and improve your accent of speaking Arabic. 

Urdu Language course

Urdu language course is specially designed for children studying in English medium schools where Urdu is not compulsory. You can also register yourself in the Urdu language course.

Our Mission 

Our mission is very simple, clear, and deep. All About Quran aims to educate every person with the knowledge of the Quran. Millions of individuals want to learn the Quran, but either they cannot afford the fee for sitting in a physical learning class, or they cannot find time to learn it. So, it is our foremost objective to offer you quality learning classes at very affordable fees and flexible classes. 

Furthermore, we also provide you with language classes. We included it in our primary goals to let you learn more than one language. For this purpose, we have hired skilled and professional tutors worldwide to facilitate you with learning online.

Our vision

Our vision is to rank no1 in the list of online academies. We hope for the best shortly. The day is not far off when the All About Quran academy will prove itself a leading online academy for learning Quranic lessons and languages.

Why choose us?

Certain reasons will convince you to choose All About Quran as your learning partner. As you know, the trend of learning online is rapidly growing. So, in the race, we struggled to become a benchmark for other online academies. However, there are some points you should read. They are:

    • We have the services of national and international tutors
    • All the classes are live, so there will be no misunderstanding while taking a class online
    • We provide our online learning classes world widely.
    • We offer classes in flexible hours
    • You can attend the class anytime, anywhere with the consent of your tutors
    • As a parent, you can monitor the study progress of your kids.