Understanding the Quran

The best of you is one who has understood the Holy Quran: its teaching and its meaning. Being a Muslim, we all know that there is a clear answer in the Quran Shareef regarding all the aspects of life. Understanding the Quran helps us in resolving daily issues. From beginning to the end, in our life, there are guidelines in the Holy Quran.

Quran is revealed on the Prophet Muhammad SAW from Allah SWT. with it, the Quran also brought wisdom and knowledge when in mount Hira the angel Gabriel asked Prophet Muhammad SAW to read. The word ‘read’ reveals that the Quran is all about learning. So, understanding the Quran lets us unlocks the mysteries of the universe. 

In addition, understanding the Quran lets us know the message of the Quran very comprehensively. However, reciting Quran has its benefits, but understanding the Quran opens our hearts for eternal pleasure. Every verse of the Quran Shareef has a precise meaning. First, we should understand the translation of the Quran. After knowing the translation, we should find out the hidden meaning in the Quran Majeed.

However, if you know Urdu or Pashto language, you can read the Quran with translation. But, you should not do so because some of the Quran’s meaning, you might not understand without a proper tutor. So, with the help of our online learning Islam academy, you can understand the Quran under the supervision of certified teachers from recognized universities. There are many online courses that All About Quran offers. One of them is understanding the Quran course.

Understanding the Quran course

The course is for you if you want to understand the Quran. In the course, you will learn the meaning and message of the Holy Quran. As we discussed above, there are lots of knowledge hidden in the Quran. So, you have to dig out the jewels of wisdom. Our tutor will help you to understand the meaning thoroughly. However, some verses look very clear, but you cannot get the meaning without any Islamic tutor.

Understanding the Quran course is structured and finalized by professional tutors. For your kids, the course is very helpful. After registration in the course, you and your kids can learn the translation of specific parts of Quran Sharif and other scripture. You can learn in the course:

    • The translation of Salah
    • The translation of six Karmas
    • Learning the meaning of Ayat ul Kursi
    • Learning the translation of some specific verses
    • Translation of last ten surahs of Quran
    • Translation of surah Muzamil

Besides the translation, our tutors will also let you learn about the basic Tafseer of the Quran. Tafseer and Quran translation is a bit different. In the Quran translation, you just read the wordy meaning, but in Tafseer, you can know the complete message of Allah SWT.

The best feature of our online understanding course is very informative. Even if a non-Muslim can get lots of information after registering in the course. Also, the course is helpful for new converts of Islam. They can know and understand the Holy Quran very well. Other features of our course are:

Learn Quran with Trial Class With Us

Live classes

The best feature of our online classes is that we offer live classes. In a live class, you can ask anytime, during class, if you face any problem during understanding the Quran. However, with the passionate services of our teacher, you will have no problem while attending a live class.

Professional tutors

The services of professional and skilled tutors take high the online learning academy, All About Quran. They will teach you with a high degree of passion and skillfulness. To purify your language and accent, we provide you with the services of native speakers.

Advance technology

All About Quran is the only online academy that uses advanced technology for taking the class. On a shared screen, you can locate your lesson. After completing every week, the tutor will assign you tasks that you will submit then via an online application.

Recorded topics

If you missed any class, you could download it later for your easiness. All the topics are recorded and uploaded on our website. You need to visit the website and click the download button.

Flexible timing

In physical learning class, there is a specific time for class. But, our online academy offers you classes in flexible timing. You can learn the Quran whenever you like, either in the morning or at night.

Affordable fee

Our aim is only to educate you with Quranic knowledge. That is why we have fixed our fee structure very affordable. For knowing the fees for understanding the Quran, visit the fee structure page. The low-cost classes aim to teach the Quran to those who want to understand the Quran, but their financial position doesn’t allow them.

There is nothing costly needed while taking an online class. You need to have:

    • Mobile phone/ Laptop or PC
    • An active internet connection