What is Haq Mehr?

In Islam, a Mehr (in Arabic: مهر) ( Persian: مهريه )  Turkish (mehir; additionally transcribed mehr, mehr, mehrieh, or mahriyeh) is the commitment, as cash or assets paid by the man of the hour, to the lady at the hour of Islamic marriage (installment likewise has conditions on when and how to pay). While the mahr is frequently cash, it can likewise be anything settled upon by the ladylike adornments, home products, furniture, a home, or some land. Mahr is normally indicated in the marriage contract endorsed upon marriage.

Whenever marriage promises are discussed then the spouse gives his significant other a gift which is known as “Haq Mehr”. In Islam, there are a few fundamental parts that must be satisfied without them marriage isn’t finished. One of those parts is “Mehr” which is how much abundance that spouse pays to his better half.

Allah Almighty referred to it as “freedah” in the Quran and instructed Muslim men to pay it cheerfully to their spouses. So it’s compulsory on each man who will get hitched to pay “Mehr” to his better half. It is the legitimate right of the spouse. It very well may be in real money or some other sort of property.

The sum is variable not fixed and ought to be consented to by the two players. Nobody is avoided from this as our cherished Prophet Muhammad (SAW) likewise paid “Mehr” to His spouses. In Holy Quran, Allah Almighty said in these words:

“O Prophet, We have made reasonable for you the spouses whose dower you have paid… .”

(Quran, 33:50)

Why is Haq Mehr Important in Islam?

Considering this, the disclosure of the accompanying Quranic section was both liberating and redemptive:

Islam has allowed different honors to the two sexual orientations who are limited by a marriage, as you can gain from our post on Marriage In Islam. Mahr’s freedoms are among the most fundamental of a spouse’s rights. This is the amount of cash that a spouse should give to his significant other upon the culmination of the marriage contract.

Haq Mehr is characterized as an amount of cash or other property guaranteed by the spouse to be paid or given to the lady in return for the marriage, regardless of whether it isn’t explicitly referenced or fixed at the hour of the marriage.

Things We Need to Know Regarding Haq Mehr

1-Who Decides Haq Mehr?

Haq Mehr is chosen by the Muslim female. Assuming it’s excessive, you can deal and decrease it, however, she should concur. The Haq Mehr exceeds all rational limitations. Umar (Ra), the second khalif of Islam, endeavored to put down a boundary until he was represented by a lady.

She contended that if the Prophet (saw) had not drawn a line on him, how is this even possible? He understood his blunder and altered his perspective. Without mahr, the nikah contract is invalid and void. It is one of the nikah models that, whenever dismissed, will deliver the nikah invalid and void. It very well may be a little aggregate, however, it must be something.

2- It Should Not Be Less Than the Amount Fixed By Shariah

The base amount of Mehr is ten Dirham or the identical in US dollars (30.618-gram silver). As indicated by Shariah, Mehr isn’t legitimate assuming it is short of what it is. There could be no furthest breaking point on the quantity of Mehr.

You might fix as much Mehr as you pick with the endorsement of the young lady and her gatekeepers, dependent upon your monetary capacities. Indeed, as indicated by Shariah, it isn’t admissible to fix extra Mehr exclusively to gloat and flaunting, or with the goal of not paying it.

Allah says in Surah An-Nisa, refrain 20

“In any case, to supplant one spouse with another and you have given one of them a lot (in gifts), don’t reclaim from it anything. Would you take it in unfairness and manifest sin?” [4:20]

Likewise, the accompanying hadith states:

“You are not qualified to reclaim any cash. In the event that you have come clean, the Mahr you paid was for having sexual relations with her legally”. [Sahih Bukhari]

3-What does Mehr represent?

Mahr is an indication of an obligation of the spouse and is an absolute necessity to pay the lady of the hour with cash, mobile or undaunted properties. The Mahr isn’t legitimately fixed yet proposed according to the social guidelines. The Mahr is evaluated during the hour of marriage or delayed some time in the not too distant future. Notwithstanding, in the event of death or separation, the postponed Mahr stands void.

As Prophet Muhammed said:

“Certainly Allah might pardon any wrongdoing on the Day of Resurrection save the transgression of one who misused the Mehr of a lady or the wages of a recruited individual, or who sells a free individual (as a slave).”

4- Who was the principal individual who acknowledged Mehr?

{650 CD; 28 AH), famously alluded to as Umm Sulaym by her Kunya, is the primary lady who changed over to Islam at Yathrib (presently Medina). Umm Sulaym got hitched to Malik ibn an-Nadr and Anas ibn Malik, an unmistakable buddy of Muhammad, was her child by this marriage.

5-What is the best Haq Mehr?

According to the Hadith, Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that the Mahr ought to be “one piece of gold”. Notwithstanding, the Mahr total has concurred between the lady and the lucky man’s folks or watchmen (otherwise called Wali). The gatherings regularly make Mahr agreements to come to a settlement on the Mahr sum.

Along these lines, all the above Hadith and Quran sections say that Mahr is the main prerequisite during Nikah. Mahr is the right of the lady which should be given to her and she likewise has the option to keep it with her regardless of whether she gets separated after Nikah.

6-Types of Haq Mehr

In Islamic regulation, there are two sorts of mahr: mahr muajjal (معجل )  and mahr khaire mu’ajjal (غیر معجل).

The mahr sum given to the lady of the hour at the marking of the marriage contract is known as a muajjal (معجل).

(which is paid at the season of marriage (nikah), and the piece that is guaranteed however conceded is known as a khaire mu’ajjal (غیر معجل)(which is paid after fulfillment of marriage).


To put it plainly, we can say that “Mehr” is absolutely for the lady and it is for her security. It’s not possible for anyone to request the Mehr from a lady, not even her folks, kin, or gatekeeper. Islam has told the Mehr compulsory in marriage. May Allah allow us the opportunity to carry on with our lives as per Islamic and Quranic lessons. Ameen Suma Ameen!